So, you are starting a new business in Slovenia, or your company would like to expand into Slovenia? What you will need is someone, that is not only great in Search engine optimization (SEO), but also someone that knows the local market. Doing SEO for a page in Slovenia is much different than doing it in any other country, and having someone, that has the local knowledge, is the thing that you will need, so that you can rank better than your competitors.

Not only that, you need someone (let’s say that would be me) that knows the language, so that I can write all the content for you, that I will use when promoting your webpage.

I know, you do not understand all the content, that you can find on this blog, but that’s why you need me to help you. If you check the list of web pages, that I’ve done SEO for, you can see, that there are English and Slovenian pages, that rank really high for competitive keywords, that shows you that I know SEO and that I know how to do it in Slovenia.

I speak fluently German and English, so please contact me, so that I can help you with your SEO campaign in Slovenia.

Its not only SEO, I can also help you with your payed advertisement at the Slovenian PPC or other systems, where we can start, until all the great SEO that I will do for your site kicks in!

If you need more information, or examples of other webpages, that I helped to get to #1 in google and (the biggest Slovenian Search engine), please send me an email, and we can talk. I also use msn, google talk, skype, so that we can be in permanent contact.

SEO in Slovenia can be cheaper than the one that you have to pay for in your country, and I’m sure we can make a good deal. It does not matter, if you have a small website, or a bigger one, I can handle them all, and I allready have…

Write me, if you have a question, you need help, or whatever, we can arrange something for you or your company, I’m sure about that.

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